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Would you like your business to work for you, rather than you working for your business?

Could you improve how you treat your clients by looking at traditional Chinese medicine in a different way?

Are you a good practitioner who would like to be great?

You’re going to love this.

“I started Naava’s course feeling fairly confident as a fertility practitioner, but I completed it feeling like I’d reached a significant new level of practice. The depth of knowledge she instills is more than worth the investment but on top of that you complete the course with a community of practitioners with whom you can refer to for advice and knowledge, meaning the benefits from the course continue far beyond the study sessions.”

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“In over 20 years of practice I have not applied course content to the level that I have been able to do following Naava’s training.”

“Naava is very supportive and approachable and creates a supportive learning environment. I have benefited from ongoing support about complex fertility issues both from Naava and the network of experienced fertility acupuncturists set up as part of the group. On many occasions this has proved invaluable in clinic when a new or complex situation arises. It genuinely feels that learning continues to develop and deepen.”


I’m Naava Carman. I’ve been in practice since 1999 and am an experienced fertility, gynaecological and obstetric acupuncturist and herbalist specialising in complex autoimmune disorders.

I’m a fully qualified member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and of the British Acupuncture Council.

I know that continued professional development has transformed my practice; both in how I help my clients clinically, and in how I run my business.


That’s why I launched the UK’s first Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture in 2017, and why I created this online Advanced Level Diploma in 2019.

The Advanced Level Diploma is the culmination of my years working as a Fertility, Gynaecology and Obstetric Acupuncturist and Herbalist.

Each module has been trialled to perfection through teaching sessions in the UK and Europe over the last two years. Now it’s here, it’s ready and I am proud to invite you to take yourself and your business to the next level by joining the Advanced Level Online Diploma programme.


Learn how to use Chinese medicine to better help your clients
Choose how many patients you see a week
Earn the income you want, and still have time for yourself, your family and your life


  • Give your patients a first-class experience
  • Learn a whole new way of approaching client presentations
  • Feel confident in treating patients presenting with complex fertility and pregnancy-related conditions
  • Invest time and money in taking your business to the next level


  • You feel confident about your treatments and the future of your business
  • You’re happy with your clinical skills
  • You’re comfortable with the size of your practice
  • You’re satisfied with how you’re treating your clients

Take the Advanced Level Online Diploma in full, or module by module, and challenge yourself to acquire new knowledge and skills so you can improve the clinical and customer experience for your patients and run your business, your way.

Signing up to the Diploma takes 10 minutes. You’ll be asked to prove five years’ post-qualification experience, or to do a short free-to-take-test. You’ll then be sent a link to either allow you access to the Modules, or you’ll be directed to an information page where you’ll learn the work you’ll need to brush up on before you take the test again.

The Diploma modules cover all aspects of integrated medicine and offer the following:

  • 20 hours of exclusive high-quality video content with a further 12 hours of possible supporting self-study
  • Easy to read PowerPoint slides which keep pace with the recording, so you never lose your place and can study at your own speed
  • Features to allow you to make self-reflective notes
  • Helpful tests at the end of modules to ensure you have learnt the key points
  • Downloadable materials which can be used in clinic for client support
  • Access to reference documents including medical studies

“I chose to do The Fertility Support Training Advanced Diploma because I’d been struggling to find fertility CPD that went that bit further. The courses I’d attend just covered the same material, and I needed more. I first met Naava at her Immunology workshop and I was hooked – I had found what I and my patients were looking for.  Naava’s ability to convert her vast western medical knowledge into TCM is second to none. Naava puts hours of preparation into her seminars and is constantly updating them, never two the same!

The Diploma covers everything you need to know to confidently treat complex fertility and pregnancy cases. After completion Naava provides online support network and CPD.”

“This advanced Diploma Course changed the way I manage my fertility clients: it turned me into a detective! I now feel more confident and armed with the resources I need to treat the complex conditions that come through the door. Naava Carman has a brilliant analytical mind and has thoroughly researched her subject of reproductive immunology. It is also taught in a way that encourages you to engage in the subject matter and process it. In this way it becomes an integral part of your practise. It is not an easy course – there is so much depth and subject matter to cover – but that is Naava and after getting to know her we wouldn’t expect anything less! I wish this course had been around years ago.”

“Your marketing work has shaken up so much for me and really helped my move through some fairly major blocks. I would never have believed that an afternoon could have such an impact on my thought processes, allowing me to see through untruths I’ve been telling myself for years. The clarity of your insight and your non-judgmental wisdom is a gift to those of us you share it with. Thank you for being one of my blessings.”


The investment per module ranges from £300 – £600, and each module will probably take you around one month; including watching the videos and doing the self-study. You can pay for or take the modules in any order. There’s a 10% investment reduction if you pay in advance for the whole Diploma.
Once you’ve completed the Diploma, and have been sent your certificate, you’ll also be able to access CPD from me without paying mentoring fees, use the Fertility Support Company logo on your marketing material and join my supportive and active practitioners Facebook group.

All of the modules have been awarded CEU/CPD credits from NCCAOM, Florida Board of Acupuncture, California Board of Acupuncture, AACMA, ATMS and the New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority.

Are you ready:

to transform your business and invest in yourself?
to treat your clients more effectively?
to feel more confident in your clinical and customer-focused work?

Fertility Support


Welcome to the Advanced Level Online Diploma; your opportunity to transform your business clinically and strategically, forever.

This multi-module Advanced Level Diploma covers all aspects of integrated medicine as well as giving you the information you need to run your practice so it’s working for you and your life.


1. Reproductive Immunology: Understanding and treating the immune system for fertility and pregnancy: The immune system gives us a lens through which to reconsider the whole body and its fertility journey, and the ability to treat clients in a way that can change the outcome when nothing else seems to be working. Read more…

You get 5 hours of videos and 2.5 hours of self-study for £600 (aprox. USD $740, CAD $980, AUD $1,980, EUR €675)

2. Treating complex diseases of pregnancy with TCM: How to treat complicated cases presenting in pregnancy which are poorly addressed by a lot of mainstream literature, including PUPPP/PEP, abdominal pain, thrush, cystitis and maternal toxaemia. Read more…

You get 3 hours of videos and 1 hour of self-study for £350 (aprox. USD $435, CAD $575, AUD $630, EUR €390)

3. A new TCM approach to PCOS, OHSS and other hormonal issues: How to apply my innovative new approach to using TCM to treat the toughest cases of these syndromes, alongside endometriosis, amenorrhoea, and related conditions. Read more…

You get 4 hours of videos and 2 hours of self-study for £450 (aprox. USD $555, CAD $7410, AUD $810, EUR €505)

4. Using TCM to support Artificial Reproductive Techniques: Understanding and treating all aspects of ART – preparation, execution and aftermath – including discussion of epigenetics and the enduring lifestyle and psychological implications. Read more…

You get 5 hours of videos and 1.5 hours of self-study for £450 (aprox. USD $555, CAD $7410, AUD $810, EUR €505)

5. Renew and reinvigorate your practice with practical marketing techniques: To have a thriving practice, one that is not just good, but great, we need to do “the inside work” on ourselves to identify our patterns, failures, pitfalls, self-sabotaging behaviour and where these come from. This module provides practical marketing techniques to give you personal and professional inspiration. Read more…

You get 3 hours of videos and 5 hours of self-study for £350 (aprox. USD $435, CAD $575, AUD $630, EUR €390)


Get the full Diploma course with a 10% Discount:  All 20 hours of videos and support materials, plus access to an exclusive practitioners Facebook Group and further free training for £1,980 (aprox. USD $2,460, AUS $3,580, CAD $3,265, EUR €2,225)

All foreign currency prices were calculated in September 2019 using: and have been rounded up/down. All modules and the full diploma are priced in British Pounds. The exchange rate you pay will be set by your credit or debit card provider.
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Once you’ve been given access to the Diploma via an email link, you can start with any module you like and can take them in any order. If you pay for all the modules up front, you’ll get a 10% discount on the total fee.

Each time you start a new module, simply pay for it (if you haven’t paid upfront) and watch the relevant videos within the module. You’ll also be able to access case histories and downloadable handouts which you can read, learn from and give to your clients.

When you’ve finished each video in the module, tick the box which says “Please tick this box when you have viewed this topic video”.

At this stage, you’ll have the option of doing a short quiz which you have to take in order to pass the module and get your CPD points.

Each module also offers reflective notes which you can add to at any time. These have been designed to make your learning experience more interactive, and to aid your memory.

Every video you watch to the end will be kept in your Training Area, so you can watch it again whenever you like until the videos are withdrawn. (This will only happen when the information within them is out of date).

When you’ve completed all the modules, you’ll download your Diploma. Then you’ll be able to:

Join my private Facebook group which offers regular free CPD and access to me as Mentor without paying any fees

Have access to me as a Herbalist for in-person or Skype appointments. I prepare a full report for each client which I send to you and I prescribe herbs to maintain your control over the direction of the treatment, as well as making sure that our communication is both transparent and effective

Use the Fertility Support Company logo as a mark of excellence on your website and marketing material (this is subject to terms and conditions)

Be listed on The Fertility Support Company website so clients looking for me will immediately have access to your details as an alternative as I have a long waiting list

Have first refusal of and discounts on any future learning you do with Fertility Support Training, including access to VIP options

Benefit from being part of a supportive Facebook community of colleagues who have also worked to get the Diploma


To be eligible to undertake the Diploma you need proof of five years’ post-qualification experience or to successfully complete this free-to-take test:

I have 5 years post-qualification

Please submit a single pdf or jpg/png of your qualifications via the form below and we’ll send you an email in two business days.

Please read the Training Courses Terms and Conditions

I accept the terms and conditions

I’d like to take the test

Please complete this test and we’ll let you know if you’re eligible to join the Diploma programme right now. If not, we’ll offer advice as to the study you’ll need to do before you can begin. We’re here to help.


We look forward to welcoming you on to the Diploma and to helping you and your business reach the next level.